This page contains information aimed at brands that are interested in having an online retail store, with high revenues, at low cost. 

Direct and safe channeling of your products is possible:
Our intent was to make available to partners an up-to-date marketplace, and an option to sell their products direct via the internet. A shopping mall with brand products, controlled by the manufacturers themselves will offer a safe place to shop for the customers. Success in international online retailing depends on speed, safety and price. 

Save millions:
Advertising is an expensive part of business. Internet advertising const millions. To be part of the GigaShopS shopping mall you can probably save 90% of your internet advertising budget. Another reduction in cost, by direct online retailing, is the reduction in number of links between production and customer. This of course will demand greater control over payments, shipping and warranty. Thus companies like IBM, Dell and Compaq have engaged national service chains for dealing with warranty issues.  

By yourselves, you will be lost and gone forever:
Manufacturers with only their own internet shop will be lonely and maybe forgotten. Even IBM can be lonely, unless they join others in selling at shopping malls like GigaShopS. Customers want to compare different brands before buying. GigaShopS will offer a one place shopping experience for customers. With the selections of brands in GigaShopS, the customers doesn't have to search the internet for products and prices. The selection is sufficient for most customers. The brands not represented in the centre can soon bee forgotten!

We can help with easy solutions:
We can help our partners in selecting easy shopping solutions as well as help build the online stores. Our extensive market research, witch includes research from The Boston Consulting Group and IDC, has given us a new vision on routines.

We can help you with both acquiring e-commerce software and development of an online store. Many of the stores in GigaShopS today are using ShopSite e-commerce software (example . We like it because it is the most user-friendly program we have tried without compromising flexibility and performance. An introduction to ShopSite can be found her, and more information can be found on

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